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The History of Archery

The origin of humankind is a concept that is well contested by history gurus. The term archery can as well be related to the prehistoric times when man felt the need to hunt and defend himself. Archery consists of a bow and arrow which was used to launch sharp objects. The inception of archery dates back to the end of the upper Paleolithic period. Later, archery was revolutionised into a sporting event and finally applied as a law

History of Archery as a weapon

Archery was first forged as a weapon. Egyptians designed the first archery. The Egyptians made the archery using wood and held it together with the help of animal sinew and glue. This is approximated to be around 2800BC. The first archery bared a "C" shape and was very heavy that it required two people to string it. The strings on the bow were made using sheep intestines and used very light wood to construct the sticks. The light woods were used to ensure that the arrow shoots a longer distance estimated as 400 yards. The Egyptians used archers who ride at the backs of light chariots as a line of defense. These archers were considered very sharp in their shouting and could easily outflank any army. During the Roman Empire, the Egyptians had military superiority because of their accurate archers. In the 16Th century, Europe introduced firearms and archery was replaced due to the existence of more sophisticated weapons. The firearms training that exists in the contemporary world cannot be compared to the ancient training techniques. Archery has the remained outdated.

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History of Archery as a Sport

Even though the 16Th century marked the end of archery as weapon by the inception of firearms, archery remained as a sporting activity. Communities and societies that took place archery as a sporting event are said to have live between the 16Th and 17Th century. These communities mainly came from England and archer was a sporting event both at the royalty level and at public. The ancient archery tournament, which is still believed to exist, is the Ancient Scorton Arrow. The tournament was founded in Yorkshire in 1673. In the wake of 1790, the society of the Royal Toxophilite was formed in the spirit of advancing the sport. George IV who was the Prince of Wales became the sport's patron, having recorded a distance of one hundred yards. Interestingly, these distances are still used in the British men's championship.

History of archery as a law

In the 13Th century, the English designed a law that required all men between the ages of 15 to 60 be very conversant with bow and arrow. In 1252, the Assize of Arm ensured that all men within the stipulated period were ordered by law to equip themselves with bows and arrows. King Edward III then decreed the archery law in 1363. This law commanded the men to practice archery on every Sunday and any other holidays. Later, King Henry proclaimed that any man who kills another man in archer practice would not be charged with murder. The English therefore invested their time in archery while the French did not. This was used to explain why the skills possessed by a knight were considered ten times better than those of ordinary soldiers. By the help of this law, the British were able to beat the French.